Premarital Coaching

The  statistics of divorce are rising in our society.  Our goal is to help you be successful in your marriage.  Marriage is not only a partnership, it's a solemn vow to God and one another for a  lifetime commitment. 


We use the SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE BEFORE IT STARTS "SYMBIS" Marriage Assessment Tool to help you learn about it each other.  We discuss some hard topics but give you the opportunity to work through the discussions with trained professionals with over twenty years of marriage experience.

We work through three coaching sessions using the assessment feedback.  We can coach couples in person.  The State of Florida requires 5 hours of coaching/counseling in order to fulfill their premarital counseling requirements.  Coaching fee for five (5) one-hour sessions is $150.00/per couple and an additional assessment fee is $35.00/per couple for a total of $185.00.  It is well worth every penny for you to prepare for your marriage.

Couples who live in Florida and complete this course will receive a Certificate of Completion with our Personal information to take to the Courthouse and receive a $32.50 discount on their marriage license. These couples are also not required to wait three days before getting married.

Getting Started

Now is the time to discuss those important issues  in a safe environment with trained marital coaches who want you to succeed in your successful marriage and life.

Topics include:  Communication, understanding one's needs: physically and emotionally, finances, how to work through disputes, and how to address concerns you both bring into the marriage. For couples moving into a second marriage, we discuss blending the  families and setting realistic expectations in moving forward.  This is great for second marriages, too.

Take Assessmemt

Each person takes an online assessment and answer questions that will help determine their background, thoughts and possible areas that could lead to of miscommunication and potential misunderstanding down the road.  There are 30 questions and should take about 30 minutes to take.


Pay assessment fee online $35.00/couple

Marriage Mentor - Donna Lucier

Once you complete the assessment, please let us know.  We want to  schedule the time as soon as possible to begin your mentor sessions.


COaching sessions

Upon completing your assessment, we will create a workbook specifically designed for you as a couple.  We will work with you to discuss these findings either in a group setting or couple setting.  We work through these topics together during five (5) one-hour sessions.  This will lead to a greater understanding, love, and respect  for one another. Upon conclusion of the sessions, each couple will receive a bound, color-printed assessment portfolio which includes their course certification.  This can be applied towards a discount on your County Marriage license application fee.

Statistics show, 31% of those who go through marital counseling, also succeed in their marriage.